The Codgers - Have a Little Fun LP (self-released)
Engineering, production, bass, piano, backing vocals


The Scrappers - The Scrappers LP (self-released)
Vocals, bass, songwriting, additional engineering


Various Artists - 2017 Holiday Music Compilation (Fourth-Line Records)

  • Dave Lawson - "Shake Your Present" (guitar, bass, vocals, songwriting, engineering) [mp3]

Various Artists - Stronger Than Fear : A Compilation To Benefit The ACLU (Fourth-Line Records)

  • Shannan Hibbard and Dave Lawson - "People Get Ready" (guitar, vocals, engineering) [mp3]
  • Korin Louise Visocchi - "I Won't Back Down" (engineering) [mp3]
  • Larry Larson - "That's the Way It's Gonna Be" (engineering) [mp3]

Raven Kin - Home Again LP (self-released)
Engineering, Production, Backing vocals

Copper Thieves - 333 1/3 LP (self-released)
Engineering, Bass, Piano


The Scrappers - I'm Home / Think Like a Thief 7" (self-released)
Vocals, Bass, Songwriting, Production, Mixing

Various Artists- Detroit Sings of Easter Week (self-released)
Engineering (Larry Larson, John Freeman, Terry Murphy)


The Codgers - MASHR's Elegies LP (self-released)
Engineering, backing vocals, classical guitar

Right On Wagner - Something to Look Forward To LP (self-released)
Bass, Engineering


Javelins - Secret Safe / Admiral Airwaves 7" (Suburban Sprawl Music)


Various Artists - 2013 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Open for Christmas" (guitar, bass, vocals, songwriting, engineering) [mp3]
  • Melissa and the Yule Loggers - "Cluck Old Christmas" (standup bass, engineering) [mp3]

Societe Moon EP (self-released)

The Codgers - Litchfield LP (self-released)

Meadower - Sturdy Animals LP (self-released)


Various Artists - 2012 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • Dave Lawson - "Coal Man" (vocals, instruments, songwriting, engineering)
  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Tell Me What I Am (A Letter to Santa from a Normal Guy)" (guitar, bass, backing vocals, songwriting, engineering) [mp3]
  • John Nelson - "Christmas Isn't Christmas Anymore" (bass, lead guitar, engineering)

A Lady Never Tells EP (self-released)
Engineering, electric and standup bass


Various Artists - 2011 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Samper (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Getting into the Christmas Spirits" (vocals, guitar, synths, songwriting, engineering) [mp3]

John Nelson - Things In My Mind LP (Jack Holmes Recording Company)
Engineering, standup bass, slide guitar, banjo, glockenspiel


Various Artists - 2010 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Samper 10" (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "A Christmas Story" (vocals, guitar, bass, organ, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]
  • Dave Lawson - "Christmas Comes, Christmas Goes" (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]

The Sights - Live at Euclid 10" (Euclid Records)
Vocals, bass, mixing

The Sights - Most of What Follows Is True CD/LP (Alive Records)
Vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, songwriting

Ian Saylor - Divorce Music (self-released)
Production, engineering, bass, vocals, backwards guitar, organ, drill, toy xylophone, ukulele, stomps, shaker


Various Artists - 2009 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Snow Day" (vocals, piano, shaker, guitars, outro drums, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]

The Sights - Silver/Gold 12" (Lower Peninsula Records)
Bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriting

Various Artists - Sweet Sounds of Detroit: Volume Two (Bellyache Records)

  • The Pop Project - "The Candy Song (Redux)" (vocals, guitar, engineering, songwriting)
  • The Sights - "Ain't a Treat" (bass, vocals, engineering)


Various Artists - 2008 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • Dave Lawson - "Red Nose Leads the Parade" (vocals, guitar, bass, glockenspiel, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]
  • Augie, Korin, Emily and Dave - "A Kenberton Christmas" (vocals, piano, songwriting) [mp3]
  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Letters to Santa (from Four Real Girls)" (guitar, keyboard, percussion, slide whistle, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]

The Pop Project - Stars of Stage and Screen - CD (Suburban Sprawl Music)
Vocals, guitar, songwriting

Spitting Nickels - Give & Take CD EP(self-released)

The Silent Years - The Globe CD (Defend Music)
Backing vocals

Kevin Mahler - Urban Ruralization Live Album (self-released)
Engineering and editing

The Drinking Problem - Not a Real Band - 7" (Lower Peninsula Records)
Vocals, bass, songwriting


Various Artists - 2007 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Bah Hum Bug" (bahing, humming, bugging, guitar, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]
  • Annette Walowicz - "Time Goes" (engineering) [mp3]

Various Artists - Ghoul's Delight! A Monster Party Record CD (Bellyache Records)

  • The Pop Project - "Give Me Corporate Candy or Give Me Death" (Vocals, guitar, songwriting, engineering)
  • The Drinking Problem - "When the Moon Is Full (I'm Only Half a Man)" (vocals, bass, songwriting, engineering)
  • Serenity Court - "Puppet Bones" (engineering)
  • The Bubblegum Hearts - "The Ghost of Vincent Price" (engineering, farfisa)

Various Artists - I Am Not a Philosopher, I Am Just A Green Monster (826 Ann Arbor)

  • Dave Lawson - "No More Night Lights!" (vocals, instruments, engineering, songwriting)

Great Lakes Myth Society - Compass Rose Bouquet CD/LP (Quack! Media)
Backing vocals

Serenity Court CDEP (self-released)
Engineering, backing vocals

Various Artists - Headed for the Ditch: A Tribute to Neil Young LP (Lower Peninsula Records)

  • Dave Lawson - "Looking for a Love" (vocals, guitar, bass)
  • The Drinking Problem - "Saddle up the Palomino" (bass, vocals)

Various Artists - Spoke Vol 2 - Winter (Spoke, An Arts Quarterly)

  • Annie Palmer - "I Will Be the Fire" (bass, vocals, engineering)


Various Artists - 2006 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "How to Make Eggnog" (vocals, guitar, samples, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]

Various Artists - Ypsisongs CD (Cerberus Records)

  • Dave Lawson featuring Joiya - "Yp" (vocals, guitar, engineering, songwriting)

Various Artists - Spoke Vol 1 - Smitten with the Mitten CD (Spoke, An Arts Quarterly)

  • Dave Lawson and Matt Balcer - "Michigan for Life" (vocals, guitar, banjo, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]

The Pop Project - TGIF CD (Suburban Sprawl Music)
Vocals, guitar


Various Artists - 2005 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Next Door Neighbors - "Mistewoes" (vocals, guitar, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]

Rescue - Paranoid CD (Suburban Sprawl Music)
Backing vocals[footage]


Various Artists - 2004 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Nephews - "My Uncle Ruined Christmas Again" (vocals, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]
  • The Next Door Neighbors - "I Accidentally Slept Through Christmas" (vocals, guitar, engineering, songwriting) [mp3]
  • Dave Lawson - "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (vocals, guitar, engineering) [mp3]
  • Joiya - "Snow Angels In My Place" (engineering, backing vocals) [mp3]
  • Kevin Mahler - "As Winter Falls" (guitar solo, additional engineering) [mp3]

Brandon Wiard - Painting a Burning Building (Cerberus Records)
Backing vocals

The Singles - He Can Go, You Can't Stay CD Single (Rainbow Quartz)
Bass, vocals


Various Artists - 2003 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • The Pop Project - "Holiday" (vocals, guitar, songwriting) [mp3]
  • Dave Lawson and Darin Ficorelli - "A Letter to Santa (from a Mad Scientist)" (vocals, guitar, drums, bass, songwriting)[mp3]

The Singles - Better than Before CD (Rainbow Quartz)
Bass, vocals

The Pop Project - Life Is Life CD (Suburban Sprawl Music)
Vocals, guitar, songwriting

Clearly and the Mainstream - It's Like... CD (self-released)
Backing vocals


Various Artists - 2002 Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler (Suburban Sprawl Music)

  • Dave Lawson - "Just A Woman (Mrs. Claus' Lament)" (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, songwriting, engineering) [mp3]

  • Kevin Mahler - "Pirate at Christmastime" (backing vocals) [mp3]

Various Artists - Home Recording Compilation Vol. 2 CD (Suburban Sprawl Music)
The Pop Project contributed three songs from the forthcoming Life Is Life full length. Also contributing three songs: The Rants, Saturday Looks Good to Me, and South South Million.

Various Artists - Shoopdeedoop: A Tribute to Motown CD (Audiopants)

  • The Pop Project - "The Happening" (guitar, vocals)
  • The Rigmas - "You Really Got a Hold On Me" (engineering, vocals)


Various Artists - Cellar Roots CD (Eastern Michigan University)

  • Matt Balcer and Dave Lawson - "Instrumental" (guitar)

Various Artists - Candycore! CD (Gutless Fanzine)
The Pop Project - "The Candy Song" (alternate version than appears on Let's Eat Green Beans)
Vocals, guitar, songwriting, engineering


The Pop Project - Let's Eat Green Beans CD (Michigan Left Records)
Vocals, guitar, songwriting

The Metros - I Gotta Go 7" (Dirtnap Records)


The Metros - The Metros LP/CD (Rip Off Records)

The Pop Project - I Like Pancakes CD (self-released)
Vocals, guitar, songwriting

The Metros - Hot Wired 7" (Rip Off Records)


Firebeard Jackson - Manger of Danger cassette (self-released)
Bass, guitar, vocals


Tunapita CD (self-released)
Vocals, bass, guitar, songwriting, engineering


December 8, 2010
The Sights Live on the Evan Funk Davies Show (WFMU)
Bass, vocals

December 4, 2009
The Sights Live on the Three Chord Monte (WFMU)
Bass, vocals

May 24, 2007
The Sights Phoning It In
Backing vocals

September, 2006
Ypsisongs on WAAM's Lucy Ann Luce show
Performance (vocals, guitar) and interview

August 27, 2006
Ypsisongs featured on NPR's Michigan Radio

December 5, 2005
The Singles on WDET Detroit
Bass, Backing vocals

April 24, 2005
The Sights on KEXP Seattle
Backing vocals

Promotional Video

November, 2009
The Pop Project: Coerce
Music Video

September 3, 2009
The Sights: Guilty
Music Video

September 21, 2008
The Pop Project: DIY Street Fair
Video Flyer

September 12, 2008
The Pop Project: Blind Pig Show
Video Flyer

September 4, 2008
The Pop Project: Frankenmuth Show
Video Flyer

The Pop Project: Not the One
Music Video

The Pop Project: Making of the TGIF EP

The Singles: He Can Go, You Can't Stay
Music Video

Live Video

November 6, 2010
The Sights
I Can't Stand You
@ Off Broadway in St. Louis, MO
Bass, vocals

October 28, 2010
Dave Lawson
Bare Necessities & You've Got a Friend in Me
@ Club Bart
Vocals, guitar

March 5, 2010
The Sights
Maria, Guilty, Don't Want You Back / Circus
@ The New Dodge for Metro Times Hamtramck Blowout 13
Bass, vocals

November 25, 2009
The Sights
Montage of Entire Set
@ The Magic Stick
Bass, vocals

September 3, 2009
The Sights
Grindstone, Guilty, It'd Be Nice
@ The Park Bar
Bass, vocals

June 14, 2009
The Sights
Back to You, I Left My Muse, Happy (acoustic)
@ Cliff Bell's
Bass, vocals

February 15, 2009
The Oblesons
The Love Bug Will Bite You / One Hundred Pounds of Clay
@ 826 Love Hangover
Vocals, guitar

February 6, 2009
The Drinking Problem
@ The Lager House
Bass, vocals

January 25, 2008
The Drinking Problem
Monkey in the Middle, Sister
@ The Elbow Room
Bass, vocals

February 25, 2007
Dave Lawson, Katie Grace and Korin Louise
When the Moon Is Full (I'm Only Half a Man)
@ Club Bart
Vocals, guitar

January 14, 2007
The Pop Project
Totally Awesome
@ The Lager House
Vocals, guitar

The Pop Project
What Did I Say"
@ The Barn Show
Guitar, vocals